Our History

It all began back in 2001 when our founder, Chris Eckels, was responsible for legal/regulatory compliance at a school doing business in 17 states. After living on a plane for the better part of three years, it became very clear that there had to be a way to improve the process -- a simpler, faster and less-expensive way that eliminated shipping 3-ring binders and documents back and forth between schools and regulators/accreditors. The idea for EDvera -- marrying compliance with technology and online access -- was hatched in 2004.

The firsthand experience that was gained through the close working relationships that Chris established with state agencies and accreditors provided EDvera with expertise to focus on integrating and streamlining the application and renewal process. The solution would need to incorporate unique logic to automate and simplify the work along with enhancing the collaboration and communications between parties (mirroring the regulatory decision-making and communication steps). Doing so would also greatly reduce errors, while providing more timely information/reporting and offering online payment processing.

It’s been several decades -- and numerous new clients -- since state agencies in Ohio, Kansas and Georgia signed on as the early adopters and never looked back. Since then, our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success. Today, EDvera has the largest installed base, and is the most popular choice of state agencies and accreditors.