EDvera for SARA & Program Approvals

Aligned with the goals of NC-SARA, EDvera software helps state agencies eliminate costs, operate more efficiently, and mitigate compliance risk. Implementing EDvera saves time by virtually eliminating paperwork and any need to exchange file attachments through email. This ultimately does away with the confusion that comes from shuffling through email; looking for review comments and various reference documents.

Massachusetts DHE Background - Situational Analysis

The first step for DHE was making the decision to eliminate paperwork and manual processes. The early days of the Pandemic, with offices closed indefinitely, exacerbated the situation, and accelerated this decision. Putting off the inevitable - that the operation needed to automate and move online - was no longer an option.

Adopting EDvera involved a digital transformation of the work that was being done manually; converting documents into digitally integrated forms to capture and store all information in a centralized records database with full history audit trails. Based on the agency’s unique processes, forms then get connected to workflow logic so that the progression of applications, renewals and reports are synchronized with automatic notifications and status updates, which are then reflected in the real time dashboard work queues.

With SARA up and running, Massachusetts has started to realize some of the original cost saving estimates along with the advantages of a more organized and streamlined approach that benefits agency staff and the institutions they oversee. As of this writing, the implementation associated with ‘programs’ is nearing completion - with much anticipated enthusiasm and growing confidence for the additional approvals work that is managed by the state.

“It was always our intention for EDvera to start small, with SARA, and then expand to program approvals. We are adding the necessary forms, reports and workflows – and throughout this process, the EDvera team has been a pleasure to work with.”
- Alex Nally, Assistant General Counsel - Massachusetts Department of Higher Education
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