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Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development

The value of Edvera is realized through automating and streamlining operations with an online platform, which saves time while also reducing data entry errors and providing more timely service. Organizations that certify, approve, credential, and license know the amount of time that’s long been required to manually process paper documents, communicate with relevant parties, and stay up to date on progress. Read up on the successes ​achieved by the Missouri Department of Higher Ed & Workforce Development or get in touch if you'd like to learn more about realizing the value of transitioning your operations to ​the Edvera online platform.

The Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development processes applications for schools seeking initial certification. The state of Missouri recognized that using the Edvera cloud-based workflow system and thereby automating the process of certification inquiries and submissions would keep all documentation organized in a 100% online system, saving untold hours that would otherwise be devoted to processing paper documents and making phone calls.

In fact, the improvements in efficiency in terms of document management and their Proprietary School Certification program that Missouri saw were so apparent, they now require that all schools certified to operate or recruit in Missouri can no longer send in paper documents and instead use Edvera for all applications and program requests. To aid in this transition, the staff of the Missouri Department of Higher Education & Workforce Development actually developed their own User Manual for schools seeking initial certification. The manual walks individuals through the processes for:

  • Applying for Access to Edvera
  • Beginning an Application to Operate in Missouri
  • Submitting a New Accreditation Application
  • Adding New Admin Personnel
  • Adding New Instructors
  • Creating a New Program
  • Processing Financial Statements
  • Processing the Security Deposit and Certification Fee

At Edvera, our goal is to make educational processes as efficient as possible in the interest of reducing red tape and expanding access to education, so we’re proud that Missouri has taken steps to automate the school certification process and that they’ve saved themselves hours by largely transitioning from a manual to an automated process. But, moreover we’re deeply impressed by the proactiveness that the state displayed in creating their own documentation that would lead to as smooth a transition as possible and would encourage other states considering Edvera to review the Missouri User Manual and instructional videos.

The State of Missouri also took it upon themselves to create a number of instructional videos, including the 3 below covering Defining an Edvera Role, Making the Initial Application for Certification, and Making a New Accreditation Application.

If you work for an accrediting agency or similar organization bogged down by paperwork, get in touch to see how we can help streamline your workflow.
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