Improving COMTA’s Accreditation Management System (AMS)

COMTA, the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation, upholds standards of excellence in massage therapy, bodywork, and esthetics education through specialized accreditation. They are a vital agency in their industry as ensuring high standards are met benefits schools, students, practitioners and the public. As the only accreditor fully dedicated to massage therapy and esthetics, COMTA helps many schools and programs offering instruction in massage therapy and thus requires an Accreditation Management System that is easy to use, provides real-time updates for staff and the institution seeking accreditation as to progress made, and that maintains a complete database of records, notes, and the history of all actions noted on each step of the process. In short, COMTA represented a good example of a typical accreditor that would benefit from using EDvera.

Dawn Hogue, Executive Director of COMTA, had this to say about switching from their previous platform to the EDVera AMS:

“EDvera’s IT support has always been helpful with questions and the workflow process is improved from our last AMS and certainly far more efficient than paper submissions.”

“Working with the EDvera AMS is invaluable to our staff-- our schools appreciate not having to submit paper documents, our peer reviewers use the system with ease, and for database record-keeping, it is an extremely effective resource. EDvera is user-friendly and absolutely worth the investment!”

As Dawn said, her staff really values the support provided by EDvera. If you have questions, they’re addressed in a very timely fashion. Once setup and onboarding are complete, the benefits of this streamlined, efficient system are quickly realized through clear improvements to your workflow process. Any worries related to the integrity of records are greatly reduced, knowing that the EDvera AMS database has complete audit trail information for all records and notes - a complete history of all the actions taken by all parties involved in the accreditation process.

For those who work in state government agencies or accreditors that are still processing paper documents, using a portal to upload files, or using an outdated system, the EDvera AMS will prove to be an invaluable tool for staff, peer reviewers and schools, who clearly appreciate not having to submit paper documents along with the ease of centralized and automated record-keeping.

At EDvera, our goal is to make the licensing and accreditation process as efficient as possible; reducing red tape and expanding access to education. If you’re considering making a new investment in an Accreditation Management System or just have questions in general about how we may be able to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

If you work for an accrediting agency or similar organization bogged down by paperwork, get in touch to see how we can help streamline your workflow.
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